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Improving writing processes using lean and Kanban

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Concepts from lean manufacturing and Kanban production can usefully be applied to writing for academic publication.

Academic writing for peer reviewed publication is a fundamental currency of scholarly advancement. Good-quality copy improves the chances of successful acceptance during peer review and yet academics do learn about writing in their day-to-day research training.

Publish or perish... Good-quality copy improves acceptance during peer review

Lean is a systematic method for the elimination of waste in a production system, while Kanban is a way to regulate the supply of components. These techniques can be applied to academic writing processes.

The lean concepts of value and pull focus the author’s attention on the needs of reviewers, editors, and readers. While, value stream and flow emphasize an end-to-end process of prioritization, writing, editing, revision, resubmission, and publication. Perfection places emphasis on publication quality. A Kanban board is advocated to plan and monitor the writing and publication lifecycle.

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